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6:23 PM
Жанр/Стил: Metal
Георги Димов - Вокал
Зорница гранчарова - Вокал
Мартин Костадинов - Барабани
Иво (рибата) Стайков - Бас китара
Стоян(Сту) Трифонов - Китара, Вокал
Жеко Станев - Китара

Роден град: Варна, България

<><><>Based in 1998, Varna, Bulgaria. Starting as a standard quartet (voice, guitar, bass and drums), like most of the beginners, initially we performed cover versions only.
<><><>Always looking for richness and variety in the music (what’s now guiding light in our music works), we continuously searched and tried to join appropriate second guitar player. In 2004 we found the right guy - Zheko.
<><><>Adding female voice completed the style we’ve been searching for.
<><><>"Once you need to express not only what you like, but what you think and feel, you need to create" - That’s why we began working own stuff. In the beginning of 2006 we recorded our first demo called Stress consisting 4 songs. Those will be included in our upcoming album. It was started in spring of 2007. We are still mixing and hope to be able to put it out soon.
<><><>What are our lyrics about: Briefly "You think and decide, but never stay aside”
<><><> The idea is, people who listen our music, to think about the matters involved and to decide themselves what is right and what wrong. There is no directions in it, one how to live and think.
<><><>Two are the topics persisting in each song in the album – War and Death.
<><><>Death - persists as an indivisible part of Life that certain story tells about. The basic question that lyrics philosophy meant to provoke is: Since physical death is logical end of physical life and we can do nothing to stop it, isn’t it time to think about our souls?It’s not the point, if some religion will evaluate you Just or Sinful at The End, but each one of us to breed conscience. Let’s everyone judge his deeds himself. Everyone of us, in spite of religion, knows what are the basic bad things and mankind characters – killing, stealing, outrage, greediness, envy and etc., and it will be good if he just don’t support and collaborate them.
<><><>War - the best thing that could happen to mankind is: There is no war!. But it could disappear only if people realize: War is a Really Bad Thing. Realizing the problem can’t be reached, if you just say "Guys be good”! I think the way is to remind people that War counters absolutely the same people and makes them take away each other’s life; and not only their own, but also of those who sorrows over them, as death burdens the Alive.Let’s stop here, ‘cause my opinion is that the more smart thoughts have already been said, but the not many of them have been heard, says Georgy.

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Тук ще намерите инфо за почти всички варненски групи. Историята им, в какъв стил свирят и др.
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Тук ще намерите инфи за всички клубове във Варна, в които има концерти и в които се развива музикалния живот на Варна!
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