Димитър Симеонов

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Димитър Симеонов

Стил / Жанр: Drum & Bass / Electroacoustic / Fusion

Роден град: Варна, България


Dimitar Simeonov is one of the few fortunate people who, at an early age, discovered his true self - a person that knows what he wants from life and most of all how to achieve it. .. .. His father, also a musician, put him on the stage behind drums, when Dimitar was barely 3 years old. True, the kid couldn't reach the drum pedals but he already could play. That was the time when little Dimitar touched his love - drums. He was born and raised in Varna, Bulgaria, during the communist era when he faced the hardships of that time. He even didn't have the support of his family. Finding any kind of information, music, textbooks or manuals was impossible for him. Yet, all those hurdles did not prevent the boy from playing, studying and developing his music ability. .. .. With years hi took even greater interest in music. At the age of 7 he started studying keyboard instruments. Before long he started showing interest in the classic guitar as well. Even just a kid, he come to realize that playing the drums required not only listening to drummers play, but also various kinds of musicians. .. .. Back then his favourite band was 'Return to Forever' (a seven - year - old child!!! ) Soon after that he was invited to play together with 'Big Band', followed by the Opera House. Driven by his deep love for music,every day he would walk several kilometres just to be able to play the instrument appointed to him. .. .. Before long he took up a job at night clubs where his work hardly ever finished before 3 a.m. He would have just a few hours before going to school. But what was of utter importance to him, was the fact that he had been given the opportunity to play and gain experience at an early age. The twelve - year - old boy managed to buy his first set of drums with the money he had earned. He was overwhelmed with happiness. .. .. Studying various styles of music - classic, dixie, jazz, rock - jazz, funk - jazz, fusion, reggae, salsa, Latin - American (he was completely immersed in the mystery of clave), flamenco, heavy staff (heavy metal, trash metal, etc.), electronic (drum and bass, rave, etc.), oriental, ethno, gypsy and so on, he embarked on the work with a wide range of musicians and bands. .. .. He started playing on a large number of percussion instruments. He also studied the folklore of different countries and discovered his own way of doing things. He was certain that the laws of music would no longer be the same, that they would be altered. Dimitar would work on a system which he would elaborate on in forthcoming years. Back then his style could be defined as New Fusion Progressive. .. .. The already teenage Dimitar along with other boys his age set up their own band. They tried playing 'Mezzoforte', 'Level 42', 'Casiopea' and anything else this style of music encompasses. They liked and mimicked musicians as Steve Gadd, Billy Cobham, Al Di Meola, Stanley Clarke, Stevie Wonder, Jose Feliciano, Tony Williams, Chick Corea, Joe Zawinul, Manolo Badrena, Alex Acuna and a lot more others. It was as early as then when he couldn't wait to play double - bass drum, but not in the accepted way back then, but in one that included the performance of linear figures. .. .. He envisioned things in quite a different way, but unfortunately he never had the chance to even try. He knew that legs could work as well as hands could. Dimitar Simeonov attracted the attention of Bulgarian professional musicians who would keep track of his professional development. .. .. Even though he was a distinguished student, he left the high school for Fine Arts. His parents insisted that he applied for a vocational school where he was eventully admitted. However, Dimitar did not want to continue with his education, because it was not even remotely connected with music. It is important to note that Dimitar Simeonov never had a drum instructor. He was on his own when studyind anything. .. .. Having entered his military service which would last for 1.5 years, he didn't have the opportunity to play and practice. After his military service he was willing to study and obtain musical education, but his family were strictly against the prospect of his being a musician. .. .. Having considered the circumstances, the young man didn't have any other choice, but to make up his and study on his own the way he did previously. He accepted one of the offers he had already received on numerous occasions and went abroad. At first he was in Europe and Scandinavia and then - in Asia. Although he was very young, Dimitar would work along with accomplished Bulgarian musicians traveling all over the world. He would play in clubs, at concerts as well as record in studios,and after on the TV. He invested all his money purchasing albums, textbooks and manuals by all the drummers. Studied all of them in detail. He would experiments with various drums, skins,sticks and cymbals in search of an individual sound. .. .. During his stay in England, he applied for and was admitted in Drumtech College. Unfortunateiy, he could not afford the tuition. He mastered the double - stroke - rolls for only a month and a half (up to the tempo of 180), which he had only imagined, but never attempted before. .. .. Traveling all around the world he dreamt of meeting his idol Virgil Donati. Not only had he wished to see him performing alive, but also he had some questions to ask in terns of professional and private life. He felt things he could share only with Virgil, unfortunately he didn't have chance to meet him. After a long journey he returned to Bulgaria to work with some of the best musicians and bands like P.I.F., Slang, Konstantin Tzekov - FSB, Fandango and many other. During Dimitar's stay in his native country, God made his dream come true - Virgil Donati was in Bulgaria. Before and after the concert of Planet X, the two of them spent some time together, time which left on imprint on Dimitar's mind for ever. .. .. Getting the recognition of a genius like Virgil Donati is one of the biggest acknowledgements of Dimitar Simeonov's work. Unfortunately, over the past four and a half years, Dimitar has lost on awful lot of time because of health problems. Time when he could have played, studied and progressed even more. .. .. Currently he is working on his new CD - '' Stretching the power'' - DVD 2009. You are going to enjoy all about playing, oustinato, displacement, rhythmic scales, rhythmic modulations, stemena, endurens, speed and many more. .. .. Dimitar Simeonov is defined as a leading figure in the progressive sphere in Bulgaria. Having obtained recognition in his native country, he now receives world - renowned invitations from musicians. .. .. Thanks GOD, we can not have everything what we want,but we have enough of everything we need to keep going! DIMITAR SIMEONOV "Yes"

Музикалният проект "спасяване на планетата" е направен от Димитър Симеонов (барабани)- Тоэи Електро акустичен стил е послание - за духа на планетата и нейната духовна сила, която ни носи сила, и определя боговете, и страданията на техните безкрайни окончания!

Не е религия! Не е реалност или липса на реалност! Налице е не започнатото или завършеното Няма АЭ или ТИ! Има само всичко ... И единственото нещо, което е то, че всичко, което е-божественост,носиш в себе си и това всичкото е за любовта на боговете!! " Движейки линията между езичеството и духовното"

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